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The mermaid

 *I have no idea what her name is. If someone could give me an idea, that would be very helpful*


A mermaid with green blemishes on her face. She also has the ability to transform her body into a pure water form.

Because of her blemishes, she has been treated as a monster and outcast by others, especially the other mermaids who are normally pretty.

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The mermaid in her water form.

She kidnaps Dr. Flouch in order to contaminate the water that others will drink from or touch so that they may be given blemishes on their face like her.

In the end, however, the Alpha and Beta Team use the cure on her. She, Tara, and Sparrow proudly show the guys (plus Fafnir) their unblemished faces. She is embarrassed when Fafnir calls out on her "going unpunished for her crimes".


  • She is the only mermaid with green blemishes on her face.
  • She is the only character/ mermaid able to turn her body into a purely water form.
  • She is the only mermaid that does not show her tail.
  • She is the only mermaid that does not have a name.


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