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Vlad is reunited with his father.


The titular character of The Naughty Little Vampire and the spoiled young son of Con Tempos, President of the Land of the Vampyres.


Vlad is a small child, with very pale skin and slightly pointed ears. As a vampire, he has red eyes. Vlad has blonde hair and black eyebrows.


Vlad is a spoiled brat who is only thinking of himself. He also wants to turn himself into a powerful vampyre semchanach so that nobody will ever tell him what to do again.


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Con Tempos and Vlad

Con Tempos: Vlad's father


  • He aspires to become a semchanach.
  • He has a fear of turkeys.
  • He only needs to take baths yearly.


To Sparrow : "That's a stupid name."

After seeing the turkey: "Do you want to tramatize me for life?!"


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3-23-2013 2-04-30 PM

Con Tempos and Vlad

3-23-2013 4-15-49 PM

Con Tempos is reunited with his son.

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