Okay, so I think this wiki has the basics down. The protagonists, the supporting characters, some episodes.

TD 1

"But hold onto your unicorn!" -Cal "HORSES, Cal!" -Tara and Sparrow

Now all we're missing is fanart and fanfics! Don't be afraid to post anything, because we don't judge!
TD fanart

Cara Fanart. See? We need more of these (fanart, I mean. Though some Cara is good too....)

Just make sure that your fanart/fanfic is rated T at the very most. No inappropriate themes or words....AT ALL. StarlightMiri has already started us off with a fanfic, but please start filling this site up with your Tara Duncan creations!

Before I forget, please remember to lock the page you put your fanart/fanfic on! We don't want anyone changing your creations except for you!

260px-Sandra i Livia

Happy drawing and writing!

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