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    User Chat

    March 23, 2013 by TheMaidenOfChaos

    Hello there!

    I know that we can communicate with each other via the talk page on our profiles or by leaving comments, but when you're online, please go onto the chat so that it will be easier to communicate with other users who may be on at the same time!

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  • TheMaidenOfChaos

    Okay, so I think this wiki has the basics down. The protagonists, the supporting characters, some episodes.

    Now all we're missing is fanart and fanfics! Don't be afraid to post anything, because we don't judge!

    Just make sure that your fanart/fanfic is rated T at the very most. No inappropriate themes or words....AT ALL. StarlightMiri has already started us off with a fanfic, but please start filling this site up with your Tara Duncan creations!

    Before I forget, please remember to lock the page you put your fanart/fanfic on! We don't want anyone changing your creations except for you!

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  • TheMaidenOfChaos


    September 16, 2012 by TheMaidenOfChaos

    Alright! So, I'm new here. I've visited this wiki before and contributed a little under wikia contributor, but I haven't ever been a user for a wiki before. I know a lot about Tara Duncan (but not everything or even close). I'd love to add to the Tara Duncan wiki, but I need someone to help me first. I kinda don't know how to use some of the tools........

    Anyway, happy reading and editing fellow fans of Tara Duncan!

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