Chapter 1- 400pm at the Laylocke House CANDIE J'ADORE NEW LOVE Copycat? Sandra read in shock reading the latest issue of RoseTEEN Magazine. Candie is such a title stealer! Sandra raged. I know right, Livia agreed. Sandra kept up with the latest and trendy styles. Livia was different in her own way. So Sandra thought of the perfect gift for her Birthday coming up. Both were exusted from the dancing session. Listen, this year I wanna show you my best friend, Sandra paused. Her cellphone rang. She asked Livia to hold on. When the cell phone call ended she came back and caught Livia spying behind the door. Hmm I should call her more then I could trick her to steal something from that little freak Tara, Sandra thought. Bridgeport. Livia guessed. Yes Yes Yes! they both squealed with delight. This is awesome! at your cousins Lyanias? Her blonde hair was held back in a sleek ponytail now messy after helping Sandra win the contest of her dreams - uh I mean of Tara's dreams. Since Tara came to Rosemond everything is weird. Livia said. I can't remember anything. A knock came to the door. Her butler, Jerry to answer it. It was Roxy Galleria. Hi. Roxy said. LIVIA! Sandra yelled at Livia. This is like, social suicide. Sandra yelled at Livia. You invited the new girl? Sandra said.

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