Tara Duncan - The Four Parchments (FULL EPISODE 17)22:41

Tara Duncan - The Four Parchments (FULL EPISODE 17)


Serena returns to get the four parchments to give her power to let the vampyres onto earth. Both the Alpha and Beta team look for clues to find the four parchments before Serena does.

In the B-Story Fafnir is teased by Robin and Fabrice about refusal to use magic and wishes to leave earth for Otherworld. Cal also gets a higher score on an IQ test than Sparrow, which extremely irks the latter.


  • When Cal and Tara are in the movie theater there is a Godzilla poster.


3-9-2013 9-41-55 AM

The results of the IQ test.


Fafnir and Cal

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