Familiar's eyes


A familiar is an animal that shares its spirit with a human sortcelier, they are almost inseparable and understand each other.In a point in his/her life, a sortcelier is "chosen" to an animal that becomes its own, unique and irreplaceable Familiar.

Pets are much smarter than normal animals, and when a familiar is injured, physically or morally the pain is felt by his/her master.The death of the pet can result in the death of sortcelier it was related, only the most powerful psychological sortceliers can overcome the death of their pet. The Familiars are recognizable among the normal animals in their golden pupils. All Familiars can transform into a yellow and pomegranate necklace.

Familiars in Tara DuncanEdit

Tara: Gallant, a pegasus
Gallant (2)

Gallant, Tara's familiar

Cal: Blondin, a fox

Sparrow: Sheeba, a lioness

Claire: an owl

Familiars in the Book Edit

Some familiars in the book don't come out in the Tv series. Here are the familiars that were not included in the series that were in the book:

Fabrice - a blue mammoth named Barune.