T'andilus M'angil
3-22-2013 3-08-11 PM


T'andilus M'angil




A successful and rich elf and the father of Robin. It is noted that the relationship between the two is slightly strained, though T'andilus M'angil never makes an "appearance" in the show (he makes a small cameo). He was almost assassinated by a bitter Evendor, but the Alpha and Beta Team came to the rescue. He is a successful business owner of a large company in Otherworld.

He "appears" in the episode  Alpha Male.


It is unknown what his hair and eye colors are, as he is only briefly seen.


Robin is his son and the heir to his company, though it is implied that Robin does not wish to follow in his father's footsteps.


  • He is the only family member of a Beta Team spellbinder shown. Lycos does not count, as he is not related by blood to Fabrice .

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