Sophie Audouin-Mamikonaian


Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian


August 24,1961

Place Born:





Diane and Marie


Yes,husband unknown


Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian was born in France on August 24,1961, in a family of Armenian descent and grew up in Basque country from which she drew the tales and legends that fueled her imagination.She is married with two children Diane,and Marie. She holds a MA in diplomacy and startegy.She divides her time between her family,writting,and the business association with the paing without borders.Sophie began writting at the age of 12. Sophie is also a princess.


Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian is the granddaughter of Pierre-Gilles Veber , the niece of Serge Veber , the grand-daughter of Pierre Veber and niece of Francis Veber . She is also the great-grandniece of Tristan Bernard .

Youth WorkEdit

  1. The Sortceliers
    Paris: Seuil, 2003, 471 p.
    Paris: Ed. Leisure France, 2007, 477 p.
    Paris: Pocket jeunesse, 2007, 559 p. (Pocket youth J1931).
  2. Paper not
    Paris: Seuil, 2004, 475 p.
    Paris: Pocket jeunesse, 2007, 559 p. (Pocket youth J1932).
    Paris: Ed. Leisure France, 2007, 475 p.
  3. The Sceptre cursed
    Paris: Flammarion, 2005, 381 p.
    Paris: Ed. Leisure France, 2007, 399 p.
  4. Dragon renegade
    Paris: Flammarion, 2006, 413 p.
    Paris: Ed. Leisure France, 2007, 411 p.
  5. Prohibited the Continent
    Paris: Flammarion, 2007, 440 p.
  6. Into the trap of Magister
    Paris: XO Editions , 2008, 510 p.
  7. Ghost Invasion 2009
    Paris: XO Editions , 2009, 400 p.
  8. The Evil Empress
    Paris: XO Editions , 23 September 2010 , 512 p.
  9. Against the Black Queen
    Paris: XO Editions , 22 September 2011

10. Dragons against demons

Paris: XO Editions , 27 September 2012

Series : Indiana TellerEdit

  1. Indiana Teller: Moon Spring (Michel Lafon)
  2. Indiana Teller: Summer Moon (Michel Lafon)
  3. Indiana Teller: Autumn Moon (to appear - March 2013)
  4. Indiana Teller: Winter Moon (to appear - March 2014)

​Works for Youth AdultsEdit

  1. Color of the soul of Angels (published January 5, 2012) (Robert Laffont, Collection R)
  2. Color of the soul of Angels Volume 2 (forthcoming 2013) (Robert Laffont, Collection R)

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