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Tara's Mother, Selena Duncan

The daughter of Isabella, the granddaughter of Manitou, and the mother of Tara Duncan. She was (or is) a powerful spellbinder who has defeated Serena/Selenba many times before. Whether she is alive or not is not known.


A prisoner of Magister, who was set free in the first book.

Family GalleryEdit

Tara D

Her daughter, Tara


Her mother, Isabella

Manitou in the golden scepter

Her grandfather, Manitou


  • It is unknown whether she is alive or not.
  • It is implied that she married a non-spell.
  • She is sworn enemies with Serena/Selenba, as she has stopped the vampyre's plan to rule the earth.
  • Her father is implied to be a dark blond, as her mother, Isabella, has light blonde hair.
  • She was dark blond with two light blond bit and her eyes were blue, like her daughter Tara Duncan. She's got a long jacket purple with grounds golden, the color of the peacock to eyes gold of Omois.

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