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Selena Duncan


Selena Duncan


Unknow (38  in the books)



Hair Color:

Blonde (with two  white streak on either side of the face)

Eye Color:



Unknow (a puma named Sembor in the books)

La maman de Tara, Selena-0

The daughter of Isabella, the granddaughter of Manitou, and the mother of Tara Duncan. She was (or is) a powerful spellbinder who has defeated Serena/Selenba many times before. Whether she is alive or not is not known.


Prisoner of Magister, she was set free in the first book. She was the wife of imperator of Omois, Danviou.

In the book, Selena does not look like her daughter, who looks more like her father , unlike the animated series . She has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes .

Description Edit

Like her daughter Tara Duncan, Selena was a very woman with long blond smooth hair settled by two white locks of both sides of her face. She seemed to have blue eyes laughing . The only thing you see on it is a jacket, probably Lancovit jacket or Omois , because her jacket is more towards purple and gold as blue and silver. It also has dark brown earrings.

Family GalleryEdit

Tara D

Her daughter, Tara


Her mother, Isabella

Manitou in the golden scepter

Her grandfather, Manitou


  • It is implied that she married a non-spell.
  • She is sworn enemies with Serena/Selenba, as she has stopped the vampyre's plan to rule the earth.
  • Her father is implied to be a blond and blue eyes, as her mother, Isabella, has white hair.
  • It is not known what happened to her, as with her father and her husband , so she may be alive .

Selena Duncan Gallery Edit

Gros plan de selena duncan

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