Cyrano of Otherworld
Season 1, Episode 14
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The Volcan Heart
Tara Duncan - Cyrano of Otherworld (FULL EPISODE 14)22:43

Tara Duncan - Cyrano of Otherworld (FULL EPISODE 14)


Episode 14

Tara is in a exam period, she asks her teacher, Mr. Spade, he agrees. But kidnapped by a vampire, Baron Boris Burogoff, and forces him to write a love letter to Isabella. Its a trap to give him his old enemy, plans to use her to open a portal to let a horde of bloodthirsty vampyres to Rosemund.


3-9-2013 9-46-25 AM

Mr. Spade

3-9-2013 9-45-37 AM

Baron Boris Burogoff

3-9-2013 9-47-22 AM

Mr. Spade and Isabella


Mr. Spade and Isabella

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