Season 1, Episode 2
TD 10
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Tara Duncan - BFF (FULL EPISODE) Episode 2

Tara Duncan - BFF (FULL EPISODE) Episode 2

Everyone excluding Tara is invited to Sandra's party, Serena (Tara's mother's mortal enemy) plans to destroy Tara and take over the earth.


Sandra is excited for her party and is inviting everyone, except for Tara. Meanwhile Serena, a vicious vampyre from the OtherWorld , is planning on destroy Tara, as a form of revenge to her mother, and then take over the Earth. Tara is seen at the cafe being teased by Sandra and her friends. When Sandra remarks that Tara is a "wallflower", Tara replies that Sandra might be the wallflower. Sparrow and Cal try and consult Tara, making her feel better. Serena notices how important her freinds are to Tara and casts a spell on her, making her moody and selfish. They begin to play volleyball but Tara serves the ball right into Sparrow's face, causing her to turn beast. Cal and Sparrow take note of Tara's attitude change and start to worry.


  • This episode marks Serena's debut
  • It's the only episode where Tara's mother is indicated.